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The traditional importer approach no longer benefits foreign brands, so we decided to innovate.

With a new approach on Importation, we can give you the brand presence you need in the US market. Here is how we do it.

Warehousing and logistics

Edge will handle importation, warehousing and logistic needs for you at a fraction of the cost of traditional Importers. Our pricing model makes importing affordable. 

Access National Retail Chains

Our team of experts will be pitching your brand to the top chains and distribution partners in the country. Our ability to access these buyers is unlike any importer in the USA.

Sales Force

We access a team of Sales professionals that are focused on your brands growth and success for Key markets across the country. As our partner, we want to see you succeed. 

No other Importer in the country has the reach that Edge Beverage has with Retailers and Distributors nationwide. Edge can take your product from your warehouse to retail shelves, with a team at every step of the way to make sure your brand succeeds. 

We have mulitple pricing structures to fit your needs. Ask us how we can make it easy and cost effective to bring your brand into the US Market.

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