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Our Story

The Traditional model of Beverage Sales and distribution is inefficient and outdated. 

In 2016,  with over 20 years of beverage experience, Phil had the idea to create a company to help small, high quality brands finally be seen by retailers. So he created Edge Beverage Consulting, a company designed to help small business at an affordable rate using fractional Services. In 2019, Phil partnered with James Williams to help take Edge Beverage to the next level. Together as Founders, they are proud of what they have built and the brands  they have partnered with. 


Now, Edge Beverage is the #1 beverage consulting firm in the country. Our success comes from a fractional services model, which allows small and mid-sized beverage brands to work with Retail Account Executives and employ sales teams within a reasonable pricing model. We have an Executive team dedicated to assist you in markets across the country. While many brands are seeing difficulty selling into accounts industry-wide, Edge has helped hundreds of brands find success. NO ONE does what we do at the scale that we do it. 

Our Approach

Our approach at Edge Beverage is all about connecting small and medium-sized brands with retailers and distributors nationwide. We are committed to always providing high-quality and affordable sales and distribution services to our clients. Our extensive connections with buyers and distributors allow us to open doors for brands that might have been overlooked or ignored in the past. We are dedicated to helping our clients succeed by providing them with access to the resources and connections that they need to grow their business.

Fractional Services

Edge was one of the first companies to ever use Fractional Services as a way to same clients money and provide maximum services. With our fractional services model you are saving substantial money by hiring our team of Industry experts to take over your sales team as compared to hiring yourself. For many small and medium size brands, that is very costly. Here is a Price Comparison Case Study that illustrates how Fractional Services is an affordable option for most brands.

Traditional Model Case Study


Doesn't Guarantee Brand will be pitched

Salaries and Bonuses

$26,667    Monthly*


$2,100    Monthly*

HR Costs



Total Cost

$31,041 Monthly*

Three National Account Executives

Traditional Model

Edge Fractional Services Solution

Fraction of full sales team cost

Greater expertise and faster results

Retainer fee

$4,000 -$5,000   Monthly*





5-10% Commission

Total Cost



Three National Account Executives

Us in Numbers


Clients’ sales during 2023


Brands helped since 2016


Business Partners in over 48 States and 10 countries


Years of Combined Experience

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