Mutual Connections

While each person brings expertise from multiple beverage industry subsets to Edge, we all met while working for Chimay's US importer.

Globally Infuenced

We're all passionate about international travel and love to visit foreign suppliers when given the opportunity.  

Phil, James and Bryan all have multiple daughters and no sons. They're loved and come before everything. Miles is a single millenial.

Daughters are #1


Philip Guana, Founder & Managing Partner

James Williams, Founder & Managing Partner

In the past 20 years, Phil went from owning a successful wine and spirits Importer and distributor, to working directly for suppliers as a beverage executive.

In the past 16 years, James has lived and breathed nearly every role and tier of the beverage industry, starting his career with a distributor but quickly pivoting.

Phil specializes in off premise national sales, focusing on grocery, C-store, and liquor stores. Phil enjoys fostering relationships with clients.

James specializes in Big Box national chains, sales team management, and distributor relations. Nothing gets James more excited than a pallet deal.

Phil heads operations and new business development. He is always looking for new creative brands and ways to executive in the market.

James oversees our sales rep program and distribution management.  He is constantly innovating and thinking of creative solutions.

Phil enjoys meeting new people, playing poker and spending time with his three daughters. On a day off, you'll find him exploring new destinations and learning about new cultures as well as new beverage innovations.

James enjoys mountain biking, traveling and spending time with his family. On a day off, find him enjoying the beach with a whiskey on the rocks.

Bryan Burgdorf, Chain Account Manager

In the past 10 years, Bryan has managed bars, represented foreign suppliers, and directed sales programs for breweries. He is well versed and eager to learn.

Bryan specializes in chain account sales, distribution management, and sales team execution. Bryan loves new brands and creative products.

Bryan manages chain accounts in the Central US. He loves building upcoming brands and educating buyers on the unique products in Edge’s portfolio.

Bryan is an avid outdoorsman and loves to spend time with his wife and daughters.  On a day off, find him on a dirt bike or enjoying a pale ale. 

Miles Linsmith, Operations Manager

After catering and bartending his way through college, Miles joined Chimay USA’s team as an operations intern. Soon after, he took over importation & compliance.

Miles specializes in operations management, marketing, and supply chain logistics. He loves modern, efficient systems and business analytics.

As James says, Miles is our “Swiss army knife”, juggling whatever it takes to run the business smoothly.

Miles enjoys all aspects of the outdoors and travels frequently. On a day off, find him ending a backcountry ski session while sipping a cold german lager.


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