Bryan Burgdorf has an extensive knowledge and background in the beverage industry.  He has 10 years of successful experience with established and startup brands and has an on-going relationship with distributors and chains nationwide. 

 Spending time working as a bar manager, beer delivery driver, warehouse manager, distributor rep, supplier rep, regional sales manager, National Chain Account Manger and Director of Sales; Bryan is know for his extensive skill set and ability to problem solve. 

 After a couple years with Cavalier Distributing, in 2013 he was again promoted and  relocated to Miami to manage and increase chain sales as well as on and off premise sales. In 2014 Bryan started in on the suppler side of the beverage industry as a Sales Representative with Sonoma Cider. Within a year Bryan was promoted to Florida Regional Sales Manger. During his time at Sonoma Cider Bryan significantly increased On/ Off premise account base,  as well as effectively managing and increasing Chain account sales in the region. In 2016 Bryan became National Chain Account Manager at Solon Marketing. While at Solon Bryan was responsible for distributor relations and sales inside 16 states. Bryan gained a multitude of experience while increasing sales for multiple brands such as Chimay, Orange Blossom, Destihl, and Chicago Distilling. 

 Jan 2019 Bryan became the Brand Ambassador for Biscaye Bay Brewing, a local south Florida brewery. In December 2019 he was promoted to Director of Sales. While at Biscayne Bryan created and oversaw a regional sales team, and managed chain account sales. Bryan also expanded distribution to Pennsylvania and spearheaded cross promotion with Mahou.

 Bryan is a hard working, driven individual who enjoys all aspects of the beer, wine and spirits Community.Family is a big part of his life, and he enjoy spending free time with his wife and daughter. Bryan is also an avid outdoor enthusiast who enjoys Mountain biking, Motorcycles, Camping, Hunting and Fishing.


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